Hi! I’m Natalie Love Cruz. I’m an Afro-Latina personal chef/educator/food justice seeker/non-accent having New Yorker/food nerd/budding culinary historian/herbaceous babe + self-care expert. I’m all about smashing the patriarchy + unearthing/decolonizing foodways.

I’ve facilitated workshops + retreats helping women of color recognize the importance of self-care + wellness empowerment. I’ve also taught cooking classes ranging from in-home private lessons to group classes with young adults who have aged out of foster care.

Food For Thought. is a place where all my musings on food, society, + identity will be stored. Sometimes this work will be in the form of recipes, ramblings, long-form essays, or just pictures.

I’m currently working on a cookbook on identity + the African Diaspora. Some of that writing might find its way here too.

Wanna see what I’m up to IRL?! I know you do!

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